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Imagine Dancing On The Bus With Your Mobile

8 months ago

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It is actually not hard to do, because maybe you have seen this sort of mobility in the past. Day in and day out, for years now, you are traveling backwards and forwards to work, back home, and back to work the next morning. The same old monotony, it seemed so boring but what was a working girl like you to do. You had to eat and you had to go. But every now and then there was always a bright spark. It is a rare occurrence because it is a rare breed that carries out such a feat. Imagine hip-hopping on the bus with all that crowded feet about. Go on, try. See that handsome fella over there? Why not ask him for a waltz, right in the middle of the bus.

Now, you see, such spontaneous acts are not impossible. Of course, you are going to need a little Dutch courage to carry this out. But, come on girls, Just Dance Now, because we know that you can do this. You want to be happy go lucky, don’t you. You want to make other people smile too, don’t you? What’s the point of always looking so sour and dour? Your life will ebb away and before you know it you’ll be wondering just what have I done with my time. Speaking of time; if dancing’s really not going to be your thing right now, you can always check out free instagram followers here so long.

Aloha Games

These are games that are so easy to play; even the kids are playing them. Then again, these kids are so smart these days. Their good folks are giving them smart mobiles from a young age already, and the things they can do with their mobiles these days could easily qualify them for a job over at Silicon Valley. But you know this dancing thing’s well worth a hit. So, okay, you’re not going to be going into a jig on the public transport system. When you’re in at home, kick off your shoes and kick on your dancing shoes and get dancing.