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How Does Gluten Cause Dermatitis Herpetiformis?

4 months ago

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Gluten intolerance occurs when the digestive system develops chronic inflammation and irritation due to chronic exposure to gluten, which is a protein found in grains such as wheat. Wheat is the most commonly eaten gluten-containing grain in the world. Therefore, many people will eat so much of it on a regular basis that it begins to literally cause little perforations and holes to form in the intestines. This is also known as “leaky gut disorder.”

This is really a serious condition and the only way to heal it is to eat a diet that heals it. What would that be? There are actually a few different causes for leaky gut disorder. It is not always gluten. When it happens, the body will become allergic to a variety of proteins, but mostly to gluten and some other heavy grains. In fact, some healthcare professionals refer to the condition as “grain damage”, a colloquial term taken from a rhyming condition.

When the body recognizes gluten as a foreign invader, it begins to attack not only the gluten, but tissues such as the intestines and the skin. On the skin, this may show up as the dreadful and uncomfortable rash known as dermatitis herpetiformis. This non-contagious disorder will become chronic as long as you eat gluten.

dermatitis herpetiformis

This is because the gluten commonly embeds itself into the skin over time and also because anything related to gut inflammation will also show up on the skin. As a result, the immune system will attack the skin, causing a very harsh and chronic rash. The only way to make it go away is through a proper diet that is free of gluten-containing grains.

You can still eat grains, they just have to be gluten-free. That would be quinoa, rice, amaranth, buckwheat, corn, oats, millet, teff, and a few others which are less-known. Making this simple change in your diet and cutting out any processed foods which contain gluten will make the rashes and discomfort go away. The only condition is that you can never eat anything with gluten again. Enjoy a healthier life and better digestion as soon as you can.